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My thanks. :)

So after having a pretty horrible day today, I checked my WordPress to catch up with some of the posts that I’ve missed in the past…month? Yeah, about that long and I saw that I had a comment on my blog nominating me for the “Very Inspiring Blogger” award from this blog: Awards/Nominations. I honestly had no idea that people actually read my blog on a regular basis and genuinely look forward to my posts. Which, in hindsight, makes me feel really bad because it’s been so long since I’ve updated. Unfortunately, circumstances are getting in the way that make it difficult for me to update on a regular basis. But I guess that’s enough of the pity party. This blog says I have to post 7 things about myself, so I guess I’ll start there. I guess this will also end up being a review of what you missed this month.

1. I found out in February that my fiancee and I are expecting another baby. I’m 12 weeks along today.
2. My fiancee proposed to me on March 13.
3. I started school early in March. It actually started on February 27, but school was on Winter Break, so I didn’t have to start classes until early on in March.
4. One thing that my readers probably already know is that I’m 24 years old and I have a 5 year old daughter.
5. I’m writing a book where I retell stories of common “Myths” and Gods. Although I haven’t worked on it all month due to circumstances.6. I’m nearly finished with the Winter semester of school. I’ll be attending the summer semester, but I’ll be taking Fall and Winter of 2015 off to take care of my baby. Maybe Summer 2015 as well, but I’m still not sure on that.
7. My fiancee and I are currently saving to move into our own apartment.

Next the rules say I have to nominate bloggers who inspire me, but that is actually hard for me to do. You see, although I follow a lot of bloggers, the only ones I read on a regular basis are:

1. Opinionated Man at http://www. and
2. Kelz Belz at

Honestly, I wish I could nominate more, but I don’t really do a lot of reading on here. I mostly spend my time posting when I am on WordPress.


Hurray circumstances!

Actually, not really hurray. My roommate is refusing to let my daughter use her computer (even though she never even bothers to use her computer)  anymore. So until I can get my daughter into daycare or something, I have to hand my computer over to my daughter to keep her occupied. My roommate turned off her cable so cartoons are out of the question unless I use YouTube or something. So book updates and blog posts are going to end up becoming few and far between.

Do I need another new project? No. But I’ll deal with it.

So on a website I go to, I found a Paying Market advertisement for the Indie Book Awards. This is something that I found out about in January, and the 2014 awards were ending February 13, 2014. I decided that there was no way I could come up with an entry for it with just over a month left in the contest, so I decided to wait it out until the website posted their updated information for 2015. I checked the website today and they finally have their 2015 information up. As I was going through it, I noticed that the contest requires you to pay a $75 fee while calling themselves not-for-profit, so I’m iffy about whether or not I’m actually going to enter. I’ve been doing my research and I still haven’t found anything that tells me whether or not the contest is legitimate. I’m not likely going to actually enter the contest and pay the fee until I know for sure that it’s a legitimate risk. But I still plan on writing the book for it just in case. So we’ll see I guess.