Do I need another new project? No. But I’ll deal with it.

by psforsetti

So on a website I go to, I found a Paying Market advertisement for the Indie Book Awards. This is something that I found out about in January, and the 2014 awards were ending February 13, 2014. I decided that there was no way I could come up with an entry for it with just over a month left in the contest, so I decided to wait it out until the website posted their updated information for 2015. I checked the website today and they finally have their 2015 information up. As I was going through it, I noticed that the contest requires you to pay a $75 fee while calling themselves not-for-profit, so I’m iffy about whether or not I’m actually going to enter. I’ve been doing my research and I still haven’t found anything that tells me whether or not the contest is legitimate. I’m not likely going to actually enter the contest and pay the fee until I know for sure that it’s a legitimate risk. But I still plan on writing the book for it just in case. So we’ll see I guess.