Reopening an old project.

by psforsetti

A few years back a friend of mine and I started working on a story together. Unfortunately, she has the majority of the notes on it packed away and since real life got in the way, the project was just kind of forgotten. But fortunately, I have some old notes hanging around my e-mail on it. It’s very basic, and there’s only a character description for one of the characters, but it’s a start. It’s unfortunate, though. We had character descriptions for a lot of characters including a villain written out. But again, she has the majority of the notes packed away and I’m living hundreds of miles away now. I suppose we can attempt to rebuild the world from memory, but it’s probably going to be a lot different than before unless she can find those notes. And since she’s usually being harassed by her family when she’s not at work, coming across those notes will be more difficult than we think. I really would love to give this project another shot though, it was very promising.