Update from yesterday and FebNoWriMo.

by psforsetti

Well, yesterday I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped. I managed to get a few scenes written out and then I took a nap. I was really short on sleep from staying up so late on Chapter 1 (I think it’s safe to call it a chapter now since it’s nearly 10,000 words long). When I woke up, I got a little more done and I got a basic description for a couple of new characters, but not nearly as in-depth as a full Character Profile; I don’t think it matters if they’re not in-depth. They’re minor characters anyway, but I have some apprehensions about leaving my characters undeveloped. It’s sort of becoming an inner war at the moment because I’m not even halfway done with my character chart. By far the character chart is my current speed bump in this story. But I guess I’ll have to figure it out eventually.

As for FebNoWriMo:

On a website I frequent, Absolute Write Water Cooler, we love NaNoWriMo so much that we do it every month, but we use it slightly differently. Some of us go ahead and try to write 50,000 words for the month, others use it as a chance to obtain other goals. As for me? Well, it took me 8 months to even manage 1chapter in my book. But now that I’m in the swing of things, my goal for FebNoWriMo is to write 3-5 more chapters in this month. I may or may not do those chapters in order (i.e. get chapters 2-6 written out). I may just bounce around the book. But at this point I’m not even sure how many chapters I need. If I keep writing chapters at the rate I’m going, I’ll only need 11-12 chapters for the entire book. If I do shorter chapter, I’ll probably need more. So I’m not really sure. I might just type scenes out and during the last week of this month (February 23-28), try to sew them together into chapters and hope I get as far as like, 3 chapters minimum. Honestly, I’ll be proud if I can get even 3 chapters pounded out. :/

Oh, and I want to get 5 more characters plotted out in my character chart!

Wish me luck, here I go!