More Progress!

by psforsetti

Hurray! I got a lot of work done yesterday! I managed to type up two dreamscapes (one being over 2,500 words long), I managed to come up with a tentative list of agents (to save me time when my book is done) to query, which took a good chunk of my day, and I managed to figure out what my genres are for the book. I’m really happy about all of the progress I made yesterday. Actually, I even managed to add more to my Prologue/Chapter 1 (since I’m still deciding if I even need a Prologue). I ran into some more problems with the story that I’m trying to work through but I’m still very much into the planning stage of my work. I haven’t even finished my character creation or my character profiles yet. When I get the computer back from my boyfriend later on, I might shift my focus back to the characters.